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Free Delivery

At KKBS ITM, we believe in keeping things simple. Forget about delivery fees when you order from us. We’ll get your order to where it needs to go, ‘on the house.’

Free Estimates

Figuring out what materials and resources your project needs can be tricky – and a lot of work. Let our specialist estimators do the numbers, for free.
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Frame & Truss

Save time and build better quality structures by having us precision-fabricate your beams, frames and wall trusses off-site, in our Frame & Truss facility. We’ll even deliver the finished products for free. KKBS ITM are dedicated members of the Frame & Truss Manufacturers Association (FTMA).
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Farm Buildings

As a part of the nationwide ITM Group, we have a comprehensive system to get your rural shed, utility or light industrial building designed and supplied. We can even help you find contractors. We offer competitive pricing and a range of fully customisable designs. Talk to KKBS today and we’ll guide you through the process.
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National Accounts

ITM Group has 90 independently owned and operated stores nationwide, and together we represent serious buying power and negotiation capacity – meaning we can pass on considerable savings to you. Check out some of our respected residential building national account partners here.
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Installers and Contractors

Getting things done on time and on budget takes the right skills. KKBS are connected with a network of specialist installers and contractors who have experience you can rely on. Our exhaustive inventory ensures the contractors you use are properly supplied.
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Trade Club

Join the ITM Trade Club to get rewards for being a loyal customer. What rewards, you ask? Pretty much anything you want! If you can’t choose from the massive range – from travel to sporting gear to electronics and vouchers – you can arrange your own rewards through the ITM Trade Club.
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Priority Card

The ITM Priority Card is another great tool in the DIYer’s kit. Get access to exclusive promotions, product discounts and sponsorship offers on cash purchases in-store. Sign up here at KKBS ITM or follow the link below.
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Key Cutting

If you need new copies of your house or automotive keys we’ve got you covered with our onsite locksmith.

Paint Tinting

Choose any colour of the Dulux & Wattyl ranges –  Here are KKBS ITM paint tinting is free. Come on in and speak to our paint experts today.