At KKBS ITM, we’re a dedicated bunch of building supply experts. Our service and logistics skills are top-notch, and our in-depth knowledge of the industry means we can anticipate those little supply set-backs that can lead to project delays.

As proud members of the nationwide ITM Group, KKBS has the support and alliance of 89 other stores around NZ. Together, we can purchase our stock in bulk, giving us an economy of scale that carries through to our customers. Purchasing efficiency is only one of the many advantages of the ITM Group.

Our combined expertise and network of professional connections means that we can always find someone to help. The ITM Group runs the ITM Trade Club, Building Business magazine, an LBP app, and provides a huge amount of useful information for both DIYer’s and building professionals.

The key to the success of ITM is in the name: Independent Timber Merchants Co-operative Limited. Independent means that here at KKBS, we get to set our own goals, management and prices, without interference from head office. The consequence is that we have the business flexibility and motivation to remain highly competitive.

You can be sure that we’ll see you right at KKBS ITM.

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